Cate Mulligan

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Greetings:IMDB issues


My IMDB account,has been incorporated into another' Kate Mulligan' (there are about 5) has taken my few acting credits. So, I have legally changed my name to Cate Mulligan and will be resubmitting my profile.



On camera Feature:


Dir: Randall Miller

Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing & Charm School



MOW: Son of Sam

Grosso Jacobsen Productions

PRODUCTION The Cotton Club (Electronic Cinema Crew / Time code reporter)  
  The Outsiders (Electronic Cinema Crew/ Machine Room Operator)
Zoetrope Studios: Rumble Fish (Electronic Cinema Crew/Post production Machine Room Operator)
1981-1983 Hammett (electronic cinema crew)
  One from the Heart (electronic cinema crew)
Halmi Productions Obendorf Revisited Dir Patrick O'Neal