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Kidsinit's Youtopia

In 1997 the nations's estimated 34 million children age 12 and under have spent or influenced a spending level of $5000 b illion, with figures growing 20% annually.   That is approaching about $1 trillion dollars over the next five years. In five years, a good portion of  those "kids" will  be teens.

Please note that the "kids" with the least advertising support 
also have less authority, energy, and intelligability in their own lives

Your advertising dollars can enable the kids of these chapters with information, comprehension, and experience - providing greater ability, skill, and buying power to fresh segments of "market friendly" buyers, who will then engage in the more profit oriented chapters within the site.

TKII site + funding + existing networks/channels/content = new and enhanced buying power


  • I KNEW THAT - monthly sponsored facts of the day
  • PIZZA TO GO  -  quick pick fast food fix delivery
  • IN THE NICHE - marketing by chapter
    Niche Sponsor Selling
    Kid in the Loft Grumbacher
    Adobe/Sony Music
    Virgin Records
    graphics software/artist supplies/books/museums/music programs and software/CD's & tapes
    Wiz Kids Apple/Microsoft/Intel
    3 Com/Compaq/HP
    all software and hardware schools/universities/Computer kids courses/games/books
    Biz Kids Financial Institutions
    HR Block
    Citibank/Stock Exchange
    software programs, schools, Monopoly and numbers related books and games, Network services: Wall Street Journal, etc
    Phys Kids Olympics
    Special Olympics
    all  sporting goods, clothes, sneakers, supplements, health food, bottled water, dance/gymnasiums, YMCA,Instruciotional tapes,
    Kid on a Mission NASA
    Space Vest/US Gov
    Higher Educational Institutions/NASA Space Camp
    Kid on the Way Johnson & Johnson
    Grayco/Baby Gap
    Baby formula,  baby gear/saftey/car/toys clothes
    Kid in a Mirror Revlon/Almay/Jenny Craig
    Teen Magazine/Seventeen
    fashions for teens
    makeup/healthy weightloss methods/lifesyles 
    Kid in a Bottle Coors/Budwiser/Breweries
    Smirnoff/Jack Daniels
    Party suppliers
    novelty/costume shops/regional entertainment/ beverage and snack vendors/Pizza to go & catering facilities
    Kid in a Crystal Rainbow Coalition all ethnic   music/clothing/art
    Kid on a Limb REI
    Any Mountian
    all outdoor sporting goods and tour packages/X Game events for  dive/sky/climbing/biking/camping
    Kid in a Clip CNN/all news publications themselves
    Kid in a Cup Starbucks/Petes/etc themselves (coffee wars, anyone?)
    Kid in a Chimney R.J. Reynolds, et al absolving themselves
    Kid in a Gutter My Friend's Place and similar concerns
    Regional Homeless Shelter
    non-profit service outreach
    Kid in a Vision ADD/Dyslexia/etc. themselves/social services
    Kid in a Closet

    Kid in a Corner

    Kid in a Fix

    Kid in a Box


    American Psychiatric Assoc
    Libby Pharmaceuticals
    Regional Social Services
    Amazon Books