Project Champions in 1999 - 2002

Kidsinit's Youtopia

Wang Govt Services - funding

The iTV Corporation - for Vision, technical education, server space and marketing expertise

Gary Langford, CEO
Joe Zott, Technical Operations
Art Yeap, Marketing
Ensemble Solutions, Inc. and for Mentoring, business acumen, office facilities Eli Porat, CEO
Jens Horstman, Chief Business Development Officer  
Perception Management, Ltd -for communications Mentoring, Vision
Cole Danehower, President of - Perceptions, and corporate communications
Cooley Godward LLP - for legal services, nonprofit status, etc.

Monterey International School of Business - Initial Financial Analysis

Professor Chuck Fischel
Atilla Fresca
Paul Kutler, Deputy Director of Supercomputing - Mentoring, management, Board of Directors
Michael McLaire, Director of NASA community relations - for "NASA Open House participation"
Maxim Integrated Circuits - Mentoring
Peter Cornelius
Black Rebel Digits Concept and Image Consulting
Tony Puryear
Eric Finke
San Francisco Academy of Art - Design for graphics/design and content
 Christine Roland
San Mateo County Task Force - contributors of penal code information/statistics/connectivity gang stats, connectivity within the police dept.juvenile division.
Sgt. Rick Gutierrez
BAMTA: (Broad Alliance for Multimedia Technology and Applications)
Charles Gibson/ for incubating "Kid's Init"

Kyla Huckerby - for writing, grant solicitation and humor
Mr. Max - The Dorsa Elementary summer school program
Lenore Gabel Rowland High Schol
Jeannie Jacobsen Mt Diablo School District
Clay Carrell Bayside Middle
Mr Max Dorsa school
Linda Chanda Peterson SCCOE

Ames Technology Commercialization Center

Director John Gee
Doug Hawkins
Phil Levinson
 Askmar Consulting:
Mark Duncan
Frankfurt Balkind Inc. S.F.  - Product Consultant:
Chris Werner Executive Director
Soliel Software - Educational Models/Curriculum Advice:
Ragni Pasturel 
Legal Advice:
John E. David Music/Entertainment Los Angeles
Howard Leib Children's Entertainment, NYC
Phil Harrington Liberty Blue
Cynthia Sexton Virgin Records
Richard Foos Rhino Records

Psychological Aspects:

Kathy Kind, MFCC
Jim Conway MFCC
Sherry Sobrato MFCC
Judy Hall Fomin MFCC
Project Encouragement:
Dr. Richard Martinez: Scientific Review Administrator National Institute of General Medical Sciences Maryland
Linda Frazier of the Discovery Channel
Norman LaLiberte - artist

Credits for Content Contributions
Photo Journalists
Robert Yaeger
Eugene Richards
Anna Gaskell
Laurie Steiner
Cori Wells Braun
Robert Maxwell
Pascal Maitre
Roger Ressmeyer
Debra Schulke
Susan Biddle
Michael O'Brien
Anne Marie Remedios
Jay Dickman
Christine George
David Glynn
Beth Lamonica
Ava Amundsen
Ron Griffiths
Jeannie Prom
Argyle Beardsley
Joy Bailey
Einar Hatlo
Ela Porat
All graphic content from Ad agencies Contributors

Cole Danehower
Kate Mulligan
Discovery magazine
Newsweek Magazine
Creative Review
World Art
Photographers Forum
Teen Magazine
Associated Press
Sgt. Rick Guiterrez
Discovery Magazine
Time for Kids
San Mateo Task Force
San Mateo Youth Services
Planned Parenthood
Alcoholics Anonymous
California Highway Patrol
The Wall Street Journal
Mercury News online
American Counseling Assoc.

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