Youtopia's Flow "The flow of information can determine the success or failure of a generation"

We assist kids in accessing proactive solutions via "organically oriented" coherent, unbiased information.

Through the curriculum users learn computer and communication skills to facilitate their employment

By exploring the age appropriate reference material (and case studies/peer content / content donated by teen related non profits), users  have the opportunity to guide their own decision making processes.

By participating in the game, users share in experiences with peers, and contemplate the truth and
consequences of those events.

The Educational Curriculum has been explored through my previous participation with BAMTA's Digital Clubhouse, Educators of The Santa Clara County of Education's Alternative Schools, with possible paritcipation fromThe Bayside At Risk Youth Program, The Overfelt Verticle Slice, and various universities developing Internet education and training. The focus is on project based learning, independent studies where teachers guide the student in their specific interests. Assistance is provided by local mentoring programs, which can offer subject oriented career guidance as well.

The content, independent projects, are placed  onto the relevant chapters of the site for reevaluation by peers.  All content supplied by students is protected by anonimity, and all content is reviewed before posting -Levels of information dissemination may have to be edited or parentally approved if nececessary.

The Game is an exploration in cause and effect. The object is to empower the player while improving their decision making abilities. Oriented toward putting the laws of cause and effect into motion, the player makes choices: First by selecting an avatar to bring into play a la "It's a Wonderful Life" and second showing that the decisions made, and moral dilemmas dealt with or ignored, will ultimately affect the quality and conditions of the lives they are responsible for. Real time data feeds and stats make each chapter's "issue" a valid event. As the game is ongoing - users input is also a factor.

The Reference Area: content supplied per niche crises by large content corporations, publishing companies, as well as the social service index and govt statistics.  This material will be significantly placed into areas where user content is also provided, enabling users to get the facts in specific to their area of interes, and where non profits near and far can share their existence (as well as their content within other reference icons of the site.)

All three providing a "systems approach" to the thinking process. Content that is significantly placed alongside the underlying database of textual information (including subjects of biology, psychology, laws, the penal system, news items and information from the social service index and content companies) provides not only the overview of each subject, but also how these elements interact with each other.

  For example: Regarding the use of tobacco incidence of kids smoking:  
  next to cost of cigarette companies spent on advertising to kids  
  next to number of people dying of cancer  
  next to a students experience of loosing a loved one  
  next to an independent study of the chemical components in processed tobacco  
  next to the history of tobacco  
  next to judicial cases regarding tobacco  
  next to tobacco companies political influence  
  next to the chemical additives in tobacco products  
  next to peters independent study on those chemical additives and the body  
  next to Cathy's interview with her mom who smokes  
  next to David's interview with his father who is dying of cancer  
  next to advertisements regarding tobacco use  
  next to info from the cancer society  
  next to information on where to get help locally  
  next to a monitored chat line  
  next to information from smoke enders and all 800 help lines
(serviced by interns of MFCC programs as part of their 2000 hours of community service)

This crystalization/coherence of content allows the user to see how society fuels itself,
as well as why/how/which issues are prevalent or emerging in society.