Youtopia - Requirements and Benefits
" With the right tools you can change your world"

THIS IS THE 1990 assessment of financial needs 

We are seeking funding from a variety of individuals and organizations. The project cost is estimated to be about $300,000 over a two year period.

This includes the cost of equipment, services and the salary of the creative director also serving as project manager. Some support and services are already being provided by several Silicon Valley individuals, who recognize the value of the project and are championing the cause. Additional commitment will be needed to secure successful operation and additional personnel as needed.

It is proposed that production companies commit to employ the project manager for a period of 24-months, with the goal of delivering a complete web site within the first year, and making the site fully operational within the second year.

In return, Youtopia would grant exclusive publicity and promotion rights to Your Company as the "parent company" responsible for bringing Youtopia to a previously undervalued segment of the cultural presence.

Here is what you can gain by your association with Youtopia


1 A natural entrée into the larger audience of the entertainment industry by extending the Youtopia  web site into a subcultural series show format  
2 An opportunity to capture competitive advantage by demonstrating to technology prospects that You are the only outstanding business that understands entertainment and technology well enough to fund their own development of a highly innovative concept chock-full of hot topics.  
3 A unique reputation for actually delivering on the promise of socially beneficial technology, while promoting your series as a household presence.  
4 A natural promotional vehicle  to gain advertising grants and private funding via hardware and software suppliers - featuring their products in a high-profile, socially constructive project  
5 A natural in aligning private funds and government agencies (i.e.,  Wang Government Services) to support separate portions of the site  
6 A natural entrée  into the publishing industry by extending Youtopia into a magazine format where content is created by the user  
7 A natural entrée to resource your Company as the choice for other innovative entrepreneurs striving to provide technology-based solutions to societal problems  


We are selling non-profit stock options to sustainability driven companies whose goals integrate economic, environmental and social growth. This proactive, cost-effective and responsible manner of corporate giving eliminates time-consuming explanations to shareholders on corporate giving, while tripling the value of existing company content. and aims to increase long-term shareholder value. (Multiplying solutions)

Youtopia sees a future where the opportunity to build beyond boundaries creates a web whose long term
values support an immediate need, as well as long term goals that benefit social and economic endeavors