Youtopia: The Plaintalk

Kidsinit's Youtopia
" With the right tools you can change your world"

Our goal is to empower challenged youth ages seven to seventeen by combining compelling content, interactive chat and simulation games into a powerful learning engine. Designed specifically to speak in the vernacular of this population, we reach youths that are usually more involved in the daily challenges of their personal environment than in examining the possibilities open to them in the exterior world. The result is a site that inspires kids to break through the mental, physical, and social barriers than inhibit their achieving life success.

Initializing a new concept in communications:

Its simple: By partnering in the development of "Youtopia," you can become one of the only independent businesses to actually 'create and deliver' the social benefits of new technologies. Youtopia is also a unique opportunity to differentiate you as the Company that does more than create valuable content; you also create added value to all existing media channels!

Yes, sounds high-falutin’.

Yes, sounds pretty "soft" and not very "bottom line."

But look at it this way: The Internet revolution is at risk of being co-opted by multimedia conglomerates, a government that doesn’t understand the technology, and a society that fears it. The future of hi-tech media will be much brighter if we can deliver programs to the audience. The outcome is a real benefits-reality, with extended channels of detailed content, feedback, one-on-one relationships and marketing power that has been previously ignored by the current media authorities.

Any company associated with our delivery of the positive side of the technology will be far more successful than the ones who simply protest defensively against the public naysayers, or those who only use data mirrored on their other existing venues.

Sound like an exaggeration? Well, how many times in the last year have you watched the media panic over another instance of children easily accessing pornography on the Internet, or young people being victimized after arranging a meeting with someone they "met" on the Web, or watched on television? Ask Mr. or Mrs. Average American what they think about current television programming or the Internet, and they are liable to respond with something like "Its too dangerous for kids, too violent, promotes too much perversion and unrealistic behavior."


Is this how the world will come to view the most prevalent means of connecting the global audience? Lets find out:
Youtopia - What It Is

The Youtopia endeavor, developed by the Kidsinit Non Profit Organization, is an outstanding example of the potential for combining Media and Internet applications to constructive social action. Messages and models of behavior currently delivered to this population are dispersed in a flurry of disjointed, provocative content.

    • Youtopia is a uniquely powerful application of interactive technology to help "lost" kids grow into "found" adults. They can share factual information about the consequences of the choices they make on real issues: depression, relationships, violence, drinking, drugs, sex, eating disorders, divorce, careers, personal quests, and many other tough and taboo subjects.
    • With the focus on channeling content, we "network" qualified information providers, as well as kid's content, by synchronizing and modulating all data into resources that intensify each issue with simultaneous broadcasting: Internet, television, radio and publishing. These "evolved sources" reveal solutions similar to scientists using a microscope over strains of culture in petri dishes.
    • Via specific channels of communication, simulation activity, reading and creativity, Youtopia directly influences the consciousness and productivity of the next generation.
    • Youtopia is a learning engine that entertains with high profile subjects, promotes subcultural awareness, and most importantly, retrieves connectivity of thought and action.
    • Youtopia provides a compelling learning communications engine where kids "in it" find they can safely role play and experiment with the issues that confront us all at different times in our lives. By using their own experiences to refuel subjects reflecting their highest interest.
    • This also provides a natural matrix for Youtopia's success, as well as the services provided by government, non-profit community resources, independent organizations, and hotlines.
Why is it so important that kids have this opportunity? Because the sad reality is that our children are "in jeopardy." Here are just a few of the facts: Keep in mind that "kids" in the 7- 17 year age range spend and /or influence the spending of over $144 billion a year. (Extrapolated from a web site on statistical marketing info.)
    • Every 78 seconds a teen attempts suicide
    • Every 90 seconds one succeeds
    • 1 in 7 males in grades 9 through 12 report having carried a gun within the last 30 days
    • 25% of girls get pregnant before they turn 20
    • 51% of students had at least one alcoholic drink within the last 30 days
Acute social problems pose dangerous risks to young adults as they struggle to mature. Too often the help they need is ignored because it is perceived as coming from adults and counselors who "…don’t know anything."

By channeling information from all pertinent realms, Youtopia engages web site, television series, radio/ Uses existing Media that

    • Provides opportunities for people to understand the character development in themselves and others
    • Increases awareness and advertising support, including tax dollars from tobacco/alcohol tax funds
    • Encourages positive identification, awareness, healthy decision-making
    • Provides accessibility to valuable information and opens minds to deeper evaluation
    • Illustrates the bigger picture of social dynamics in the larger community, and how it affects personal development.

Our  Mission Statement:
  • To help kids ride shotgun until such time that they earn their license to drive
  • To grock kids - and thus deliver loud clear messages on their concerns and directives to existing power structures
  • To reduce reuse recycle and reinvest the most valuable information from all sources creating a full service supra-store for the under twenty population
    To create a forum that assists in experiential sharing for healthy decision making in social and financial environments


We are selling non-profit stock options to sustainability driven companies whose goals integrate economic, environmental and social growth. This proactive, cost-effective and responsible manner of corporate giving eliminates time-consuming explanations to shareholders on corporate giving, while tripling the value of existing company content. and aims to increase long-term shareholder value. (Multiplying solutions)

Youtopia sees a future where the opportunity to build beyond boundaries creates a web whose long term
values support an immediate need, as well as long term goals that benefit social and economic endeavors