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Skiing With Your Four Year Old

For family fun there's no place more inviting when snow is falling. Especially if you happen to be heading towards a ski holiday.

Getting outside into the fresh air with the excitement of excercising ones way through a wonderland of pine scented and snow covered mountian is one of the most rewarding of winter vacations.

And believe it or not, this kind of holiday can continue to be a reality despite the obstacles of those children who have recently made it past the rug rat stage of snow play-day care and into the realm of ski school itself. Yes, it's the place to be for any beginner four years and up. 

American Airlines Onboard Magazine

X Degrees of Sensation

Imagine: Franz Klammer's "on the brink of disaster" mentality cloned into a hillside of alternative sports athletes. They are the brave, the thrill seeking, the highly skiled risk takers,and their showy moves and breakneck speeds are the kind of extreme stuff that turns guts and creativity into a winter performance art.







NASA's Glass Action

Thanks to the biggest race in town, (you know, the one to the moon?) astro scientists at NASA have developed the newest innovation in sunglasses for skiers.

The same NASA technology that improved the resolution properties of our high altitude aerial cameras, these NASTEK lenses are most appreciated in "flat light" environments.

Yep, the same environment where seeing contours of the slope make the difference between downhill heroics or hospitalization...