Hello! This project is 20 years old, needed now more than ever ~ Please bear with me while I polish it up with corrections.  

Welcome to 'Youtopia'

'A Learning Engine Where You Find Yourself'

"Kids are not fond of rules and they have no respect for the status quo.
They often have to push the envelope just to see what's real and what's not.

Children are our seeds of progress. You can praise them,
disagree with them, disbelieve them, glorify them, or vilify them.
However, the only thing we cannot do is ignore them.

With the right tools we can change our world. Through invention, imagination,
inspiration and exploration, we can push the human race forward.

These following links are from my initial business plan in 1996:

  • Youtpia is Kidsinit's effort to deliver coherent content on issues facing today's youth;
    in an effort to develop a more logical system's analysis to their decision making.

    A powerful environment where kids can learn, grow, explore, and experience their own development.
    For all kids the site enables them to get in touch with their own abilities, trust their own goals,
    and reach out to a peer community of other kids for ideas and support.

    For at-risk kids, the site helps them discover the issues and consequences of decisions
    they face about sex, drugs and the "rock and roll" of life. We are using the power of the Internet to
    We are creating
    dynamically constructive social action and economic empowerment among our kids.

    Your Commitment
    Tomorrow's adults need help from today's adults.

    Social Service organizations, schools, professionals and businesses have all
    contributed to the development of this interlocking learning engine.

    Please, introduce yourself and learn ways you can participate!

    Our Content

    The Youtopia journey began with a single provocative image: 

    A kid in a bottle - unable to deliver or receive any information 
    untainted by the dynamics of alcoholism in the family . . . 
    Not being heard . . . 
    distortion, denial, and confusion seeded into everyday activities . . . 
    learning to co-depend . . . 
    These patterns of dependency and blame start early. . . 

    The first steps in taking the distortion away is to help kids see in pictures - what it looks like in other alcoholic families, to help them match it up (and validate) their own experiences, then perhaps to share those experiences by writing or drawing themselves (enabling satisfaction from self-motivation). 

    The content of Youtpoia is designed to hand out the tools and resources to familiarize kids with all problems associated with the many issues they face in their lives-all the situations where they find themselves "in it" in one way or another. Our content helps them to understand that they are responsible only for their own behavior. 

    The "inits" grew naturally, and included the good avenues for choice as well as the bad and ugly - see table below for those items currently in development.


    The brave new world needs brave new tools to produce courageous intelligent adults. One such tool is Youtopia.org. Through the "inits" and other content, our kids are learning that "You are the source of your own utopia"

    • Explore and provide constructive input to the current development of "Youtopia" 
    • Contribute content and sources, connectivity 
    • Contribute funds for creation 
    • Contact webmaster: mulligan@mail.com
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    Creating an Empire of Creativity and Collaboration

    Kid's Init connects the "dots" to channel info where it's most needed: kids' aged 7 - 17 

    • Websites with Information/Foundations/Fellowships/Grants/Hotlines 
    • Educational Institutions 
    • Social and Scientific research studies 
    • Government statistics 
    • Police Departments 
    • Radio and Television programs, talk/drama/series 
    • All modes of Published data that serves to illucidate "issues" 
    • Corporations and their PR/mentoring services/employment services 
    • Marketing and Advertising Agencies 
    • Peer to peer content

    The Kidsinit:

    • empowers the productivity and purchasing habits of a largely ignored, and increasingly influential age group. 
    • has a matrix for feedback on the success of programs for services to kids 
    • reviews valuable information accumulated by caring concerns to a global range of users 
    • offers guidance, information, and mentoring to an uneducated population 
    • builds bridges in communications between sponsor and user 
    • increases self esteem 
    • broadens computer education skills, particularly Internet/interactive development 
    • encourages decision making abilities for further character development, whatever the circumstance. 

    Previous Project Champions:

    The iTV Corporation - for Vision, technical education, server space and marketing expertise
    Gary Langford, CEO
    Joe Zott, Technical Operations
    Art Yeap, Marketing 

    Ensemble Solutions, Inc. - for Mentoring, business acumen, office facilities
    Eli Porat, CEO
    Jens Horstman, Chief Business Development Officer
    Dee Cravens, President 

    Cole Danehower, President of Perception Management, Ltd - for communications Mentoring, Vision perceptions, and corporate communications 

    Cooley Godward LLP - for legal services, nonprofit status, etc.

    Monterey International School of Business - Initial Financial Analysis Professor Chuck Fischel and Atilla Fresca

    Paul Kutler, Deputy Director of Supercomputing - Mentoring, management, Board of Directors
    Michael McLaire, Director of NASA community relations - for "NASA open house participation" 

    Dr. John Webster, Coaching For Success - reality checking and contacts

    Maxim Integrated Circuits, Peter Cornelius - Mentoring and listening

    Black Rebel Digits, Tony Puryear and Eric Finke - Concept and Image Consulting

    Christine Roland - Design for graphics/design and content

    Sgt. Rick Gutierrez of San Mateo County Task Force - contributors of penal code information/statistics/connectivity gang stats, connectivity within the police dept.juvenile division.

    Kyla Huckerby - for writing, grant solicitation and humor

    Mr. Max - The Dorsa Elementary summer school program test marketing resource and brilliance in delivery of content

    Credits for Content Contributions

    Photo Journalists
    Robert Yaeger
    Eugene Richards
    Anna Gaskell
    Laurie Steiner
    Cori Wells Braun
    Robert Maxwell
    Pascal Maitre
    Roger Ressmeyer
    Debra Schulke
    Susan Biddle
    Michael O'Brien
    Anne Marie Remedios
    Jay Dickman
    Christine George
    David Glynn
    Beth Lamonica
    Ava Amundsen
    Ron Griffiths
    Jeannie Prom
    Argyle Beardsley
    Joy Bailey
    Einar Hatlo
    Steve Robinson
    Eli Porat
    all graphic content from Ad agencies
    Cole Danehower
    Cate Mulligan
    Discovery magazine
    Newsweek Magazine
    Creative Review
    World Art
    Photographers Forum
    Teen Magazine
    Associated Press
    Sgt. Rick Guiterrez
    Discovery Magazine
    Time for Kids
    San Mateo Task Force
    San Mateo Youth Services
    Planned Parenthood
    Alcoholics Anonymous
    California Highway Patrol
    The Wall Street Journal online
    Mercury News online
    American Counseling Assoc.

    Project Advisors:

    Business Advice: Ames Technology Commercialization Center Director John Gee; Doug Hawkins/Phil Levinson, Charles Gibson/ BAMTA: (Broad Alliance for Multimedia Technology and Applications) for incubating "Kid's Init"
    Consulting: Mark Duncan - Askmar
    Grant Consultants: Lenore Gabel Rowland High Schol Jeannie Jacobsen Mt Diablo School District
    Product Consultant: Chris Werner Executive Director Frankfurt Balkind Inc. S.F.
    Educational Models/Curriculum Advice: Ragni Pasturel Soliel Software and Clay Carrell Bayside Middle School, Mr Max Dorsa school, Linda Chanda Peterson SCCOE , Lenore Gabel Rowland High School
    Legal Advice: John E. David Music/Entertainment Los Angeles, Howard Leib Children's Entertainment, NYC
    Intellectual Property: Eli Porat and Cooley Godward, LLP. Santa Monica
    Music: Phil Harrington Liberty Blue, Cynthia Sexton Virgin Records, Richard Foos Rhino Records
    Psychological Aspects: Kathy Kind, MFCC Jim Conway MFCC Sherry Sobrato MFCC Judy Hall Fomin MFCC
    Project Encouragement:Dr. Richard Martinez: Scientific Review Administrator National Institute of General Medical Sciences Maryland, Linda Frazier Discovery Channel

    If I have forgotten anyone, please contact me immediately at Mulligan@mail.com.



    Cate Mulligan, as an artist and creative arts educator, has a continuing vision: help kids utilize their intuitive and creative forces within to problem solve, using their creative force as the main vehicle, and the Youtopia site as the hub for information exchange and artistic inspiration and collaboration.

    As adults struggling to keep a hold of our jobs and families, we have hardly had time to give kids the tools to handle their own personal development. Our generation is passing the buck. And when that buck comes back -we'll owe interest for our lack of interest! 

    Dysfunction - unless we learn from it, it grows like a weed. It's no small task getting into trouble as a kid and still come out a functioning, contributing adult. I want to find ways to help kids make the best of their own circumstances and choices. I want to integrate all the informative content already being done in society, and develop a learning engine where students apply personal experience towards content creation, which will be integrated with factual content and peer to peer forums for

    You have to show how society breathes and fuels itself and give them a way to safely explore the choices that face them, see how they fit into society, and how they affect themselves and others. 

    Simply put Youtopia lets them see how the wheels of society spin, gives them a chance to participate creatively in the exploration of issues they face now, and issues they will face in the future.

    With this kind of approach the next generation coming up the ranks will be the "We Generation." Developing 'camaraderie, unity, and self direction' have always been vital tools for any age, and technologies like the Internet are becoming key in spreading and strengthening these qualities, especially in this age group. 

    But exactly how do "WE" get there?

    The premis; understanding that we are each is a source and resource for a better future. To provide the creative space for them to give and get information they need to grow into responsible, healthy adults. 

    I truly believe kids today are smarter than most adults acknowledge, and need more integrated support systems than most families can provide in today's society. Disciplining and traditional learning methods do not send the complete message, even though those messages are valuable. 

    Previous avenues of delivery turn the kids "off" instead of "on." 
    Our web site will certainly turn them "ON "creatively-
    and onto resources and proactive information

    Internet blogology is key because it is the only way kids can get the really dynamic picture of what's going on in their family, community, and peers. You have to show how society breathes and fuels itself and give them a way to safely explore the choices that face them, see how they fit into society, and how they can affect themselves and others. 

    The medium is as much an integral part of the message as the information it contains. I am associating images and content in such a way that the message gets carried with the kids throughout the day, helping them to recognize the signs of trouble as they encounter it. Creating a roadmap for future "opportunities" and making informed choices. That is what The KidsInit's creation, Youtpoia is designed to do. 

    There's an enormous amount of collaboration and 
    effort required to make  all this happen. 

    There's a win-win situation created by using technology to repurpose and rechannel information to help kids make the best choices as they grow up. Advertisers, public relations firms, and business of all kinds, can see how their tax-deductible contributions can add unique value to the construction of a site that serves kids as well as serving themselves. And that's what The KidsInit is doing through the creation of its unique web site for kids, www.Youtopia.org. 

    Those who have already joined me in building The KidsInit Youottopia see that their long-term investment has long-term results. We're not just building a five-year plan with this program, we're creating a lasting, evolving community for kids and our sponsors have joined to support this long-term effort. 

    With help from Ensemble Solutions, Cooley Goodard, Ltd., the iTV Corporation and Perception Management, Ltd., our prototype for www.Youtopia.org has been born. But like the kids we are striving to serve, Youtopia.org needs nurturing to grow strong and contribute to its fullest potential. That's when our work really begins! I hope you will join me.


    Unfortunately over the last ten years, not much has improved in the following figures;
    • Every 78 seconds a teen attempts suicide - every 90 seconds they succeed. 
    • In 1998 twice the number of 12th graders had inhaled heroin as in year 1990. 
    • 40% of girls get pregnant before they turn twenty. 
    • One in seven male students, grades 9 through 12 report having carried a gun within the last month. 
    • 51% of students had at least one drink of alcohol during the last 30 days. 
    • Preceding the survey: 32% had their first drink before age 13. 
    • 38% of students had ridden with a driver who had been drinking alcohol. 
    • 32% of students had been offered, sold or given an illegal drug on school property during the 12 months preceding the survey. 
    • Every 13 seconds a child is abused in the US. 

    The Objective

    Set up an interactive web site that will provide our children with tools and knowledge to better confront any association with guns, drugs, gangs, abuse, and pregnancy, enabling them a unique access to problem solving, and goal setting, utilizing artistic skills as a basis for understanding their unique prediciment.

    Providing learning opportunities to the children via Internet involvement that will help them 

    • tap into their intuitive creative resources
    • encourage consistant proactive decision making process 
    • gain access to valuable information and assistance 
    • learn to understand character development in themselves and others by sharing and discussing creative content.

    Make available an age appropriate interface between the existing social service network and the generations that need it most. 

    Implement an aggressive campaign to spread information on effective strategies that will combat juvenile dysfunction. Create regional yellow pages for youths to access information, services, and skills in productive fields in space exploration, high tech jobs, programming and research. 

    Ensure access to immediate local assistance in an anonymous and safe environment. Including monitored on line discussions, one on one help, and service locations in their neighborhoods. 

    Develop a body of pertinent information containing children's content, contributions from universities and government services, books, television, cable shows and news publications. 

    The Budget

    The project cost is estimated at about $300,000.00 for the first two years, with additional support expected from local companies donating resources and facilities to the project. This budget will include the salary of the creative director also serving as project manager. Several Silicon Valley individuals, who have recognized the value of the project and are supporting the cause, are currently providing initial support and services. Additional commitment needed to secure successful operation and additional personnel as needed. 

    The Implementation

    .With the right tools we can change our world, we can invent, imagine, heal, explore, create, inspire, and push the human race forward. 


    Provide a curriculum/reference synergistic database and a clearinghouse that provides additional content from the following sources: 
    • Non profit organizations/Halfway houses like "My friends place" in Hollywood, where the homeless kids can log onto computers while they wait for free legal advice, drug counseling, health care, etc... Have them tell their story so others can learn how to cope with similar problems. 
    • Corporations, Publications all Media venues, especially those that house information on drugs, sexually transmitted diseases, chemistry, psychology, etc. 
    • Universities, where social studies shed light on behavior of our society. 
    • Government, where the existing social service index and statistics can provide useful information as well as access to funds. 

    The TheKidsInit / Youtopia is an estuary where one can explore, discover, create, understand friends, understand how children grow, view the local environment, etc. The interactive web site will provide the users with tools and knowledge to better encounter future problems they may experience, by developing the skills, understand their personal abilities to help them courageously brave the New World.;

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